Danish Aikan facility showcased by the Minister of the Environment

17. October 2013

The Danish Minister for the Environment, Mrs Ida Auken, recently visited the Danish Aikan facility, BioVækst. The visit took place on 7 October, which was the day Mrs Auken launched the Danish Government’s new and long-awaited Resource Strategy.

While visiting, Mrs Ida Auken said: "The BioVækst facility showcases the advantages that can be gained when using source-separated household waste to produce biogas and nutrients to be returned to the soil. With the Danish Government’s new Resource Strategy, we will improve the general framework and market conditions to ensure that a lot more of Denmark’s organic resources will be used optimally.”

BioVækst is a combined biogas and composting facility at Holbæk, close to Copenhagen. The facility uses the Aikan Technology which provides fully integrated anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting. This is done through the use of a series of batch modules for solids, which continuously feeds a central liquid-based biogas reactor. The facility receives and processes more than 20,000 tonnes per year of source-separated household waste and other organic residues.

BioVækst has been in stable operation and able to receive and process since its establishment in 2003. It is capable of managing organic waste regardless of the rate of impurities of the input.

Of the biogas produced 50 percent is currently converted into electrical power and supplied into the electrical grid. The remaining 50 percent of the energy is used for heating. In the future, biogas from the Aikan facility can be upgraded and fed into the existing Danish gas grid.

The phosphorous-bearing compost is returned to agricultural soils as documented fertilizer without xenobiotic substances. Local demand for the compost is high and currently increasing, as it is a good alternative to commercial fertilizer based in imported resources.

Processing residual organic resources with the Aikan Technology causes low CO2 emissions compared to incineration. CO2 savings are found in the generation of biogas and also through composting, which delays CO2 emissions for up to 100 years.

The Aikan technology has been developed by Danish Solum Gruppen in cooperation with Danish universities. Solum Gruppen has been appointed four times as a cutting-edge growth company by Denmark’s leading business magazine Børsen. In May 2009 Solum Gruppen was awarded the Climate and Environment Award instituted by Denmark’s Liberal Party and presented by the then Danish Prime Minister, Mr Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

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